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About Us


Our Mission

At Jean Lyle Children’s Center, we provide a safe and nurturing school environment for children three to six years old – to make friends and choices, to take joy in learning, to be both independent and cooperative and to learn through play.

In a setting of respect and acceptance, we provide a transition from the family to the larger world. Our stable, experienced staff, in partnership with families, supports each child’s stage of development, responds to individual needs, and offers guidance and opportunities for continued growth.

It is our goal to provide a free and relaxed atmosphere in which the child can have creative and satisfying experiences in this child–sized world
— Jean Lyle

Educational Philosophy

At Jean Lyle we believe that play is the best and most authentic way for children to learn about the world around them.  As a result, learning through play is a very important component of our curriculum. Through play, our students learn to expand their worlds of people and ideas, to cooperate and connect to others, to have confidence in adults other than their parents, and to develop independence and creativity.  Playing helps children develop flexibility, problem-solving skills, and perseverance. Our curriculum helps children to develop and grow socially, emotionally, and physically, and helps them to move forward in their language and cognitive-thinking skills.

At JLCC we help foster a love of school and learning by providing fun and engaging choices in a wide range of areas including arts and crafts, music, mathematical reasoning, scientific exploration, and literacy, all while fostering and modeling positive social skills and emotional well-being.